Adding value to fashion since 2014!

KOMPANERO is a range of leather bags with a distinctive weathered look, vintage appeal and a contemporary design inspired by the concept 'leather being a timeless companion'.

Our deep passion for leather and natural sustainable materials along with our love for handcrafting desirable and marvelous masterpieces motivate us to make beautiful bags and accessories that carry your world.

The brand name KOMPANERO is inspired from the Spanish word that means 'Companion' or 'mate'. The Brand mnemonic is inspired by the closeness and representation of an arm in arm kind of a relationship.

The journey began from a quaint store in 2014. The beautiful garden city of Bangalore in India welcomed us with open arms and so did the country. We have spread our wings since! Expansion in Australia has been great especially because Kompanero has achieved quite a cult following in the down under. We are proud to state that our bags available in more than 250 stores across Australia, and the Kompaneros are flying off the shelves faster than we can make them, quite literally at times. We have also been building up a steady presence across the high streets of UK. We recently opened a store in London to show for our efforts. Coming back to base, in India we have made an effort to reach every major city through a network of 30 and counting stores pan India.

While our bags and accessories are being loved in the east, we are now moving westwards. Kompanero is already making waves in the US market. And our latest launch saw the Canadian website ramping up on our retail operations. Like in Australia, we continue to form relationships with and sell through independent fashion stores and boutiques in Canada. Keep an eye out for more blogs about Kompanero in Canada.